For as long as I can remember writing has always been an outlet for me. Whenever I wasn’t working on my biggest school project I had my nose buried in a book some where or curled up with a journal putting my pen to the paper, hoping that some type of lyrical magic would happen.

I started off writing in a journal, letting no-one near my words. Finally, I took a creative writing class where my work had to be shown to others. The encouragement that I received from my professor is the most I had ever had up to that point in my life. He always told me that I could write for a living, that my words were inspiring and I had a knack for being able to tell tall tales.

From there I just continued to write, until one day I decided to publish some of my words on the internet for all to read. Now you have to understand how scary this can be for a 19-year-old girl going into her 3rd year at a university with over 17,000 people. Putting myself on a stand that could reach that many people, and probably more was nerve wrecking.

However, with the help of some friends, it lead me to the student newspaper and to the process of fixing my blog and actually using it to write.

Now, so many years later that brings us here; to Beauty and Bewitchment. I have poured my heart into some of these pieces. I hope that you’ll read them, and enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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