Moving On..

There is a reason for everything, and though it make take us time to see it, that doesn’t mean we won’t reach an understanding eventually.

By Ashley Mott

There is a moment in time when it no longer hurts, when the pain that you had felt for so long is now gone. You may not realize when that moment occurs, but at some point in time you understand the feeling of what it means to be free. 

Those first moments, even though you know it was your choice, when you step out into the world alone are excruciating. They say it takes someone strong to know when to leave, to know when to run and flee to save themselves. 

However, I think that it isn’t just one moment of strength that frees you, but instead it’s every moment that you choose to be strong each and every day. A line of moments put together like puzzle pieces; a road of continuously putting one foot in front of the other until you are finally free.

“A road of continuously putting one foot in front of the other until you are finally free”

One day at a time you move forward with your friends and family who are true to you, who stuck by your side through it all. You realize who your true partners in life are, and how much they’ve helped you down this broken path to recovery. 

It hurts so much at first, and each day seems like the skies are meant to be forever painted grey, but then there’s a light that breaks through. If only a few streams through the cracks at first, it slowly grows until you notice that it doesn’t hurt as much anymore. You take pride in the funny moments in life, the few seconds of stolen joy. 

Slowly things get better and you begin to smile; maybe this won’t last forever; maybe nothing is forever, but in this moment you are content. You have finally found your home amongst friends and family that have been here all along.

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