My First Flight

Did I mention it was across the country?

For most of the world, flying is not something that they do very often. I was apart of this very large percentage until July 28th, 2018, when my feet left the grounds of Cleveland in favor of a 36,000-mile high flight to San Diego California to visit my best friend. Now, I have never flown before let alone by myself across the country, but it wasn’t too hard.Advertisement: 0:23

Me being me, I planned for months in advance about what I should pack, what to bring for the weather, what I could get through TSA, and what to wear for the day of travel. You would think that I was the most prepared soon to be 20-year old for flying; however, this was not the case. Walking into that airport, I got lost trying to find the ticket counter. And then onto TSA I almost forgot to take off my shoes. That security man was not playing around when I got yelled at. Looking back on it now I’m laughing at how frazzled I was by forgetting to take off a pair of shoes.

Anyways, after braving TSA and finally getting to board a plane I realized something that I never found out in all my research. Overhead bins for carry-ons were not meant for those of us who are vertically challenged. I was that short person awkwardly tapping on this strange, tall man to ask if he could help me reach the bins. To that man, if you’re reading this, thank you from the under 5’2″ population — you have done a great service.

That being said and done, I settled into my flight pretty easily, popped some headphones in and watched a movie on the nifty little under the chair stow away screens that Delta has in the Comfort Plus seating sections. I was well underway on the first five-hour portion on my flight to Salt Lake City, where I would have a 1-hour layover before making it to San Diego.

Now for all those wondering “Was there bad turbulence?” or “Did the plane make a funny noise when you took off?” No, there was no funny noises or bad turbulence on my flight. Honestly, I get more turbulence trying to drive down the pothole-ridden streets of Lorain than I got in my entire flight. That being said, I think that landing was the worst of it. Depending on how fast the descent is, it can range anywhere from the feel of the Blue Streak to the Magnum at Cedar Point.

Oh, and that one-hour layover that I thought was going to be long flew by faster than I anticipated. I had about 20 minutes to use the bathroom and get something to drink before I was boarding my next flight and getting ready for take off! Talk about a whirlwind. Two hours later, I was landing in sunny San Diego, California. After all that flying I can honestly say that I was glad to have solid feet back on the ground.

I used to be afraid of planes, but I can now say that I have conquered the airways and am ready to travel the world! I hope that my experience can help you prepare for your first flight, whether it’s a 45-minute flight or a 9-hour trip. Just make sure to stay positive about it all!

Originally Published on The Odyssey.

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