The Scary Part About Love

The scary part about falling in love with someone is that they have the power to say three little words that can make or break your whole world in a matter of seconds. You put your all into your relationship, so much so that you forget who you are without that relationship. It’s not till someone walks into your life and shows you exactly what’s happened to you that you realize it.

They come in, maybe they are in a relationship just like yours and it’s like looking in the mirror for the first time, maybe they are just pointing out unhealthy things to you. Either way it causes your world to crack for just a second. You feverishly try to piece back together the reality that you had but you can’t anymore because you’ve seen the truth.

You want so badly for this to be it, to be the perfect ending for you after years and years of trials and tribulations. After years of getting your heart broken you want so badly for this to be the last one. You’re young and dumb and you’re hoping that if everyone else was able to find true love this quickly that you should be able too. You throw yourself into any relationship that you encounter because it’s the only thing you know how to do.

Day by day you are hoping to get swept off your feet with a ring. You are so hoping for this to be the one because maybe, just maybe, with a ring it means that it’s permanent. It means that you won’t get left in the dust again by every guy who’s ever said “I love you”. You cling to this because you need to, in order to survive your life you have too. Because without this fantasy you have to ask the question… “who can ever love someone as broken as me?

It’s hard to recognize whether you’ve fallen into the same path that you have for the past 8 years of your life or if you have actually found true love. You cling to random coincidences and hope to God that they are some sign that you are where you are finally meant to be. Like having the same ring as everyone in his family. Hoping that it’s God telling you that this is where you belong. Yet, you also know that everyone has free will, and if that free will rips away the one thing that you have fallen in love with you’re not sure what you are going to do with yourself.

Because this time it’s real. It’s not because of an accident, a lie, or a tragedy. This time it’s because he decided he’s had enough of the real you. The only person who’s seen it all. If they decide you aren’t worth it than who will?

This is the scary part about love. You give yourself over to someone so much that they hold your entire being in the palm of their hand; and with a few words, or lack of them, they could crush your entire world in a second.

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