– The girl who used to be you

To the girl with the heart of gold and the mind that spins out of control,

Things will get better, I promise.

Right now, you’ve just seen what the real world is like, how scary it can be for you because of the heart that you wear so proudly upon your sleeve. The twists and turns, the ups and downs, the love and heartbreak are all a part of your journey now.

You have just found that person that makes your heart race like crazy, who makes your head feel light, and your feet lift off the ground. Yet, it seems like you have to change so much to even get a chance with them.

For a long time, you wandered the Earth, naive and wistful. Now that is no longer the truth about you. Your mind races like wildfire with all the possibilities that you have uncovered. Lying awake in bed you can’t help but wonder if the ‘spark’ is real or if it was all just a lie.

You had to change your hair, your clothes, even your smile to get a chance. But he kissed your hand and made you feel special. He is nothing like the best friend you grew up with, the one who has loved you from the start and never said a word. You tell yourself that the changes are okay because you love him, but what do you really know about love?

The best friend you grew up with watches from afar now, as you venture into uncharted territory with this new man in your life. He is silently wishing, girl with your heart on your sleeve, that you would realize that this new man isn’t your meant to be.

While your mind is racing like a wildfire with all the possibilities of what the future can bring, he is steadfast like the tide meeting the sand each and every day. Waiting for the right moment to rise like the tide, before fading away. Searching for the perfect opportunity to tell you the truth, about how he feels for you.

He watches as you love with all your soul, only to get hurt again. He stays by your side; his loyalty never wavering. Waiting for you to realize what you’ve been missing out on.

“Girl with the heart of gold and the mind that spins out of control, realize that your fairytale was right there all along.”

              – The girl who was once you.


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