Rational Love

There are few things in life that are undeniably and fantastically not rational, and Love is one of them. It’s an emotion and yet it’s a place. It’s a feeling that many fall into without even realizing, and then when it dawns upon them they try to control it rather than letting the love the have drive their lives, and share it with the world.

However, for many the reason why is simply because the world can’t completely understand their love. Whether its love for an human (eros) or an unconditional love for all (agape), eventually it will come out.

I have come to realize that in this world light is not the opposition to dark, but rather it is love that shines through the night to light the way.

It doesn’t have to be romantic for the love to be powerful. Familia can contain a love that is so powerful, it can cross oceans and still be unbreakable.

Friendships, chosen bonds of love and trust are captivating. Choosing people to stand by your side through thick and thin, –through family feuds, romantic interests, school, the ups and downs– it is a choice guided by love that drives these relationships.

While sometimes love seems like it is fading because you met another, it is not true. You can always make more love you do not have to take to give to another, that’s not the way it works. Love will simply change from one form to another and that is a change that is good.

There are those who would like to rationalize love to a chemical reaction within the brain, but it cannot be done. Love is not a series of synapses firing, it is created through many memories, many emotions, and many thoughts. It starts as a small spark in the heart and grows into a fire and then continues to grow as much as you let it.

There is no such thing as rational love, because it is a feeling that breathes life into each of our souls. There is no when or where for how love occurs, it simply does and we are just along for the ride, the beautiful ride that is life and love.

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