There comes a time where you realize that your reality was just a fabrication of ideas sewn together by the adults in your life. When reality becomes a fantasy, something that you long to go back to when your new life becomes too real. When violence is prominent and adults no longer hush their words when you walk in the room.

Now you are one of them, no longer sheltered from hate crimes and loss of life; instead your told to preserve your humanity and become a light in the dying world. That child like innocence that you once had has dissipated into oblivion.

Gone are the days that algebra one was your biggest problem and gone are the days that who you’re going to the Homecoming dance with are the most important things in your life.

Now we live in a world where people are persecuted for their beliefs and their sexuality. We live in a world afraid to speak up for fear of offending anyone. The world cannot progress without speech, without offense, without giving thought to how to deal with matters of mind and heart before making rash decisions.

We live in a world where a family can be torn apart because of a single post on social media. Gone are the days of a sheltered life, days of fabricated lives to protect our fragile minds.

Now the generation that is ours is learning and finding their path to restore the faith in humanity that this world has long since destroyed.

Gone are the days of oblivion, of the bliss of ignorance. We are now in a new era, one that will allow you to create your own path and give way to the beginning of a life without fear of judgement.

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