College…The Untold Story

I’m almost 2 months into my 1st year on a real college campus. There are so many things that I’ve learned in these two months that no-one tells you. That I wish people would have told me, so I’m telling all of you. That cute idea you have about getting a roommate at random is not a good idea. Now I lucked out, me and my roommate don’t completely hate each other, but I’ve seen the roommates who do. That is not an environment you want to be in I promise. That said rooming with your ‘bestie’ may not be the best thing either. Yes sometimes it works out well and it’s all good but the other half of the time you will hate living together. I’ve seen the best of friends be torn apart because they chose to live together. That’s not always the case, but be prepared just in case.

Be prepared to study your ass off. I will tell you, I spend more time at 10pm at night doing laundry and homework at night in the basement of my dorm probably more than any of my friends because the need to study is real. If you think you’ll be out partying every night let me tell you know, you won’t. If you do then you’re nuts and will probably not make it out of your first semester of Freshman year. I know that’s harsh but it’s the truth and it needs to be heard. I can guarantee you will probably spend more time in the library doing homework and studying than any other room (other than your dorm) the entire year.

Also be prepared to be independent because your professors will NOT, I repeat will NOT hold your hand because you suck at time management. Things in college are a lot tougher than everyone makes them out to be. You’ll get the ‘it’s not too bad’ or ‘the independance is great’ speeches but i promise you that independence is most kids downfall.

Lastly, the ‘rate my professor’ site you go to I promise you doesn’t work. I had high praises about two of my professors and I couldn’t be any less disappointed with the hand I was dealt. That said sometimes that site is right.

I hope that this has been an eye opener for you and you prepare yourself for it, if you already haven’t. I know this article was very serious but that’s because college is supposed to be. That said, enjoy your weekend everyone!

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