Back To School…

Hey everyone, it’s that time again! Back to school!!! I know all of you are very excited to go back to school, whether it’s your first day of high school or college most people are getting nervous about going back and wondering who they will have classes with. Well trust me don’t stress because at the end of the day school is about you and your education. Friends will always be there to help you along the way even if you’re not in the same classes.

For you incoming highschool freshman, stay away from drama and senior boys. Drama will do nothing but lower your GPA, and yes, your freshman GPA does matter. It sets the entire tone for your cumulative GPA, and those boys who hit on you while you’re a freshman and they are a senior, well I can guarantee that only thing they want is in your pants. Guys, same goes for you that senior girl who hits on you is just looking to make her ex jealous so she can get back with him. Save yourself the heartbreak cause trust me she isn’t interested. Now I know those rare cases where a senior actually does like a freshman can occur but 9 times out of 10 they don’t last very long. Either way though, guy or girl, don’t stress about the little things because trust me it gets better as the year goes on.

As a freshman you’re going to realize you’re on the bottom of the totem pole but it doesn’t mean that you can’t try new things. Join the dance team, try out for a sport, be a cheerleader, or joining the chess club. Whatever interests you don’t be afraid to try it. You might just have the best experience of your life. 🙂

Now for you incoming college freshman, honey you just entered an entirely new ball game. You are not top dog in the school any more, heck now you are the bottom feeders again. Granted high school is more social hierarchy oriented than college, but when you’re a freshman in college it still shows… a lot. Find a couple of good friends and be okay with that, you are not going to be the popular kid you once were, college is huge you will not know everyone. That said branching out is still good for you even if it isn’t a whole lot. If you decide to live on campus, meeting your roommate before move-in day is a great idea because not only will you find out what you have in common but now you have the possibility of a built-in roomie/bestie.

For girls your connecting points might be fashion, or books, or even sports and gaming if you’re into it. Guys it could be sports, games, movies, or music. Of course people can connect on just about any subject, whether you’re a girl or guy but those are just the most common ones. Whatever the topic, just make sure you can find a way to get along with your roommate because if you don’t I promise you it will be the longest year of your life. Having a roommate that you hate is not fun, it’ll take its toll on you physically, mentally, and your grades.

Lastly, whether you are an incoming high school freshman or a newly graduated college freshman, never lose yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in the high school drama or the freedom of being on your own, but don’t like that change you. Be yourself and embrace who you are, just because the girl in your bio class wears dresses and skimpy clothes doesn’t mean you have to. Guys, just because the guy next to you cusses with every other word, doesn’t make it cool and good for you to do. If you have a religion show it, don’t hide it just because other people do. Be true to who you are. That is my advice to you all, and never let anyone put out your light.

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