The reality of working while in school..

Hey everyone! As many of you know during high school a lot of you will be looking into jobs to make a little bit of money so that you can afford nights out with your friends. Trust me though, it’s not all fun and easy trying to balance work and school.

First things first, as a starter job don’t count out fast food. Now I know that usually teenagers will think it’s gross and hate the business and trust me it’s still usually bad, but it’s not a career (unless you’re a high school dropout then it is plausible that it could be). As far as a beginning job a fast food place is probably the best way to get you accommodated to rude people, nice people, handling money, and trying to stay sane all at the same time. It’s not like high school where if the mean girl starts to cuss you out that you can get her right back, here in the land of adults if a customer cussed you out you have to stay calm and nicely ask if they would like to speak to a manager.

Also, if you’re absolutely dead set on avoiding fast food I suggest retail. Now I know everyone has horrible things to say about it and trust me I do too, but honestly retail helped me with my people skills, multi-tasking, and handling my temper. The experiences you have here are invaluable because when you start to look for a profession the more experience you have with the general public the better.

Now on to how to survive work and high school at the same time. It’s not easy let me just state that, it takes A LOT of time management. Between waking up early, to classes and getting home for a quick snack, to trying to not be late for work, and STILL making time for homework you will learn that a daily planner will be your best friend. Do not forget to get some shut-eye in between all of this, or else eventually you’ll hit a wall where you will sleep for more than just 7 or 8 hours.

You’ll notice eventually that your school life and work life are completely different. Whereas school is fun and learning and structured, work is the total opposite. You have to be able to answer questions from customers that you probably can’t understand while cleaning up your area and still trying to get everything your managers want done in the time frame that is your shift. It’s not easy let me tell you, but the better you get at it the easier school will get because you’ll be better at multi-tasking and handling difficult people.

The biggest difference though between work and school is the maturity level. Your work will be kept at a higher level of maturity than your school and eventually that will rub off on you. You have to remember though to keep a balance between your new-found maturity and having fun at school. Although many kids will have jobs not all will and the ones that don’t may now seem more immature than they did before. Don’t let that change your mind about them though, it’s okay to let loose and have though because you’re balancing school and work you won’t be able to as much as you used to.

Make sure that you have ample time to do your studies in between class and work because although work is great your studies should always come first. Experience is nice but a high school diploma that can lead to college is a lot better.

Enjoy high school and work but make sure you use time management to keep a balance! Good luck and enjoy your journey!!!!

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