How to survive Senior year..

Hey guys! Now I know it’s starting to hit all of you Juniors that you are about to become a senior and a graduate of 2017. Don’t worry though there’s a few simple steps to avoid that senioritis, and to keep up your grades for one last year. The first is sleep, now I know that sounds like the easiest advice ever but it truly is not. For me during my senior year, the last thing I was worried about was the amount of sleep that I was getting but trust me going to be a few hours earlier or ditching that crazy party Before 10pm will make a difference. You’ll get restful sleep and be able to push away the fog that is senioritis during class so that when finals approach you can actually say you remember something. I know that skipping that all nighter senior party will be considered lame but hey I know I’d rather be lame and pass my classes, than go out partying and not graduate.

Now for you social butterflies, this will be a hard one but can’t stress this enough do NOT get involved in drama. I repeat, NO drama. Not only will it make it harder for you to focus but it’ll stress you out so much your grades will drop. I can not tell you enough of many girls and guys I’ve seen fall into a drama pit and not be able to get out. My drama free senior year was the best year I could have at school, I didn’t have problems with anyone and I didn’t have to deal with petty fights. Trust me leave the drama for the immature people, while you coast on through and make good grades.

Third, try to have a balance, yes grades and study time are important but so is some you time. Now I am not saying you should go out partying and getting plastered, but having a day to yourself with a mani-pedi and a movie with the girls would be great or if you’re a guy hang out at an old school arcade and just have fun or have a gaming party and set up extra tvs so everyone can play. You’ll relax and still have a clear head by the end of the night so that you can actually remember what happened.

Lastly, especially for those of you who are trying to keep a job at the same time as high school time management is KEY! I’m telling you, you have to find a system and a way to balance out your school work, job, and still have a social life. For me I bought one of those dry-erase calendars that is huge and hung it on my bedroom door. So that before I left in the morning I could check if I had homework due, tests to take, or work and if I didn’t I knew that I could go hang out with my Boyfriend. Also I took all the syllabi that I was given by my professors and basically made one huge one in order of due dates, that way everything was in order and I didn’t need to flip through all of them to figure out what I had to do, it was all already laid out for me. organization during your senior year is definitely the most important thing that I can think of.

So for those of you embarking into the last year of your high school career, make sure you stay organized, but also try to enjoy it. You never think school can go by quickly but trust me it really does. I was told from my freshman year till my junior year, savor your days in high school because they go by quickly but it never hit how fast it went by until the day my cap and gown arrived. You never know what will happen or how fast it’ll go but when the time comes to look back on your memories, you want to remember them happily. So take your senior year by storm, be prepared and smart, but don’t forget to enjoy it!

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