When Reality Hits…


Gone are the days of oblivion, of the bliss of ignorance.

We are now in a new era, one that will allow you to create your own path and give way to the beginning of a life without fear of judgement.

What many people don’t realize is that for most of their lives they are covered by everyone else, covered by people who take the brunt of the reality so that they can stay a drift in oblivion.

I never knew the world to be a cruel place until about my junior year of high school. That was when I started to realize that there was so much more at work than final tests and boys, that was when I realized how much hard work pays off and how rewarding a job is. Following that year I realized that life is short, excruciatingly short.

As a young teenager you think that nothing bad could ever happen to you that as a senior that you are on top of the world. I once thought that too, until my world came crumbling down. When a doctor gives you test results that cause you to realize how short life is, you realize that you’ve been sheltered.

Many high school graduates are just now learning the meaning of the word “job” and “sacrifice”. They are just now learning how hard it is to really make it in this world alone. They are still in the blissful ignorance that is Oblivion; one day though they will make it to reality, and with any luck they will survive it.

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